About - LWR

MADE IN AFRICA - A Brand For Watch Enthusiasts

Luxury Watch Roll Ltd became a company in 2022, our goal is simple..

"Build a community of enthusiasts that takes pride in caring for their watches"

We started LWR in Lagos, the economic hub of Nigeria. As a watch lover with passion for wrist watches, luxury and entrepreneurship - we realised that in this part of the world a lot of people own watches but very few care for them.

"Watches tell the world a bit about who you are, and they can, if you're lucky, connect you to the people in your life who matters most" - Matt Hranek 

The urge to make watch lovers understand, value and care for their watches is why we are here today and we won't stop as we continue to provide luxury storage solutions for watches and their owners.



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"I won't say it's been an easy journey so far especially with the misconception and trust issues that we currently face in this part of the world but that is the beauty of it all. We get to educate one watch lover at a time the reason why they need to invest in storage solutions for their watches as it helps them store, protect, preserve and easily access their watches. From the day-to-day watch, to the favourite watch, to the party/club watch LWR is at their beck and call"

- Founder & Creative Director, Quam